The Metal Specialists Since 1969

Valor Company is a full-service contract manufacturer specializing in tube bending, metal stamping, and welding. We work with customers to bring their metal fabrication projects from concept to production.

As a full-service supplier, we’re able to work with customers through all phases of product development. Whether you need a simple production run or assistance with design, tooling, assembly, and packaging, we’re here to help. Our extensive equipment, inventory, and expertise enable us to tackle projects of any size or complexity. Together with our many integrated services, our capabilities make us the one-destination supplier in the metal fabrication industry.

Our broad range of capabilities, focus on long-term relationships, and decades of experience have made us the Metal Specialists that customers return to again and again.

48 Years of Fabrication Expertise

Valor Company was established in 1969 as Creative Tool & Engineering, with a focus in tool and die fabrication. Over 48 years, our business has evolved into a full-service metal manufacturer serving customers in the Upper Midwest and across the United States.

While maintaining our tooling expertise, our focus has expanded to include tube bending, metal stamping, welding, and the many services required to turn components into finished assemblies. These capabilities allow Valor Company to deliver greater value to our customers. With decades of experience and a truly broad range of capabilities, we earn our title as the Metal Specialists by handling projects in-house that might otherwise require several different suppliers.

Your Metal Manufacturing Partner

At Valor Company, we recognize that long-term relationships are the foundation of our business. As such, we strive to provide value not just during a manufacturing run, but throughout the whole process of designing, building, and delivering a product. We leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure customers receive the most efficient, cost-effective service possible.

Whether we’re working with a new customer or a long-term partner that’s embarking on a new project, we’re happy to provide manufacturing best-practice recommendations that save time and money. Because of our long history in all facets of metal fabrication, we understand every phase of the manufacturing process — allowing us to solve problems in unique ways that only a full-service fabricator would recognize. We work with customers to reduce cost because we know, in return, those customers will want to work with us again.

Along with our expertise, Valor Company’s uniquely vast range of equipment allows us to tackle — in-house — more phases of a project than other suppliers might. From designing and crafting required tooling to assembling and packaging finished products, our equipment inventory leads to a streamlined production process. Our ability to work in-house is a major cost and time benefit to customers.

At Valor Company, we provide the same level of service to customers and projects of all sizes. Over our lifetime, our manufacturing abilities have yielded many new customers; our commitment to superior service has transformed those new customers into long-term partners. We produce parts — and finished assemblies — for tier 1, tier 2, and OEM customers across more than a dozen industries. We look forward to serving your business next.

The Full-Service Fabricator

Valor Company aims to be your one-destination supplier in the metal fabrication industry. As a full-service metal manufacturer, we’re able to accommodate projects in-house that others cannot. Our unique combination of expertise, equipment, and inventory allow us to work with customers from concept to delivery.

We own a diverse array of tube bending and metal stamping equipment, allowing us to address a wide variety of applications. Our large inventory of tools and dies further expand our capabilities. Simple to complex bends, compound or progressive stampings, projects that require both: we’re able to handle nearly any fabrication need. We offer production in short, medium, and long runs and welcome projects of any size.

But, as a full-service supplier, Valor Company can do more for customers than simple production runs. We offer many integrated services to aid customers in reaching their market efficiently. Our in-house tool and die department can make anything from simple blank-and-pierce to complex progressive dies. Our welding department can transform tube and stamped components into completed, welded assemblies. Our shipping department can package and deliver your product — just-in-time, reducing inventory cost and pressure. We make it easy for customers to go from design to final product.

For 48 years, Valor Company’s capabilities have made us the Metal Specialists.