On-Site Tool & Die

By partnering with us, you gain access to our in-house tool and die services. Working with customers during new product development allows us to recommend and fabricate the most effective tooling for any project. Whether you need tooling for a one-time production or a long-term project, our experienced staff can provide the technical assistance and cost-saving suggestions you expect.

Progressive or compound dies — designed and precision-built in-house.

A progressive die

Leverage our 48 years of tool and die experience to save time and money during the critical early stages of product development.

Progressive die CAD screenshot

Our internally designed and built check fixtures will ensure quality, part-after-part.

A check-fixture

To ensure long tooling life, we perform on-site maintenance, revisions, and repairs.

A die in-shop

Benefit from both 48 years of experience and modern tooling design using up-to-date CAD software, in house.

A CAD design