Metal Stamping & Fabrication

Our Advantage

Valor Company offers metal stamping in short, medium, and long production runs.

We maintain a diverse array of presses that address a wide variety of applications. Our equipment ranges in size — up to 220 tons — to accommodate materials from .015″ to .625″ thick. These state-of-the-art presses are equipped with quick die change systems, programmable servo feeds, and automated monitoring devices to ensure accurate, efficient operation.

Our in-house tooling department can make anything from simple blank-and-pierce to complex progressive dies. We can also adapt your existing tooling to our presses, often at little expense; our presses are designed to accept tooling from most others.

With 54 years of experience, we can often assist in identifying the most cost-effective production methods. Once production begins, customers can be certain that our experienced staff will produce high-quality parts every time. Finally — as a full-service supplier — once we’ve produced your components, we’re able to weld, assemble, and apply a finish to your product for added value.



  • Short, medium, & long production runs
  • Presses ranging in size up to 220 tons
  • Materials including: coils, strips, blanks, bars
  • Use of compound or progressive dies
  • On-site tooling design, fabrication, maintenance


  • Materials: 0.015″ to 0.625″ thick
  • Coils: 0.25″ thick × 30″ wide
  • Flats, blanks, strips, bars: 0.625″ thick × 36″ wide
  • Maximum press bed: 36″ × 84″